You have had a revolutionary idea, you found THE solution, the precious pearl! Congratulations! Nevertheless, your activity is falling behind in terms of sales. You have tried everything, but nothing seems to be working for your business.

Idée, ND Consultant
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Sometimes, having a good idea, finding the right solution, is not enough to make your company economically successful. Don’t take me wrong, having an innovative offer is indeed the starting point of all great entrepreneurial adventure. But there are several factors which need to be considered. I can think of at least five, that I trust to be vital for successfully turn your idea into a productive business.


Without a really good idea, you will not be able to justify your presence on the market. Let’s be clear; a good idea is not an idea which pleases you and which flatters your ego. I am talking here about something that meets a precise, unsatisfied need (or even partially satisfied need), in your community.

Once again, the very nature of the need is not relevant; there is no moral evaluation of the need involved here. It is just a question of identifying an opportunity and measuring its potential value for a potential market!


The minute you have identified your niche, you need a plan. The more your plan is precise, the better are your chances of success. You literally have to think about everything, to design the most relevant offer for your target customers.

There are numerous methods and approaches you may want to use in order to define your strategic plan. I believe that all are equal, if they are applied thoroughly. As of me, I work with the O.G.S.M.T. tool which allows you to easily and clearly determine the frame of your strategic plan.


A good idea, and a good road map, must be supported by skilled people and systems. You will not go far if you are not well surrounded and equipped. It seems to me that these are the most important parameters to consider. Only experts can guarantee that, whatever needs to be done, is done the proper way. Too often, entrepreneurs and directors jib at putting the right price for good skills acquisition. Any economy made on competence acquisition is eventually paid for, by discrepancies between forecast targets and the bottom-line results.

When I talk about skills or competences, it is not only human features. We must surround ourselves with both competent people from a technical and a behavioral standpoint. And we also need to acquire the appropriate tools and equipment, according to our needs and business expectations. So, my point also includes devices, software, installations; in other words, everything that allows people to produce in the best possible conditions.

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Everyone speaks about leadership and charisma nowadays. There is even training for leadership. Of course, it is useful to learn some soft skills, but I do not believe leadership can be acquired. You are either a natural or you are not.

I do believe, a leader in business is the person capable of federating people around one vision or project and make them produce in a sustainable way. The keyword here is “sustainable”. Traumatize people to make them deliver results over a short period of time, is certainly not a guarantee of long-lasting success for the company. It sometimes allows to deal with a crisis, but no company willing to prosper, can actually if the plans and investments are not conducted with a long-term perspective.


And finally, time. I believe that a company increases its value, and plays its full part, if it is anchored in the community where its leaders and employees belong. A company is serious business. I have nothing against “serial entrepreneurs” or start-ups with lightning growths. Quite the opposite. It’s part of the magic of business world. Nevertheless, I trust that time allows to write more inspiring stories. With the appropriate time and energy, a simple idea can become a true legend.

“When your strategy is deep and far-reaching, then what you gain by your calculations is much, so you can win before you even fight”. – Sun Tzu

Not everybody can sell, nor everybody can build planes. So, if you are an inventor and your idea is brilliant, then very well. Find yourself a brilliant consultant and a salesperson and become their associate. Let the consultant build a commercial strategy for you. And let the salesperson sell your invention. Share profits with them. You are better off part of something rather a lot of nothing right!


But you may think that you are an intelligent person and, that you can always go on intensive training and acquire more commercial skills. You can probably successfully take out many sales, because you know your offer inside out.

But ask yourself one simple question; wouldn’t your energy be better spent on perfecting your idea?

I can imagine people groaning that I am biased. And you are right. I stand up for my profession! However, when we settle a little and think about it, it is just common sense! … Let us focus on what we are good at, and let other people do what they are good at. We will all benefit from it at the end of the day. Because (again) we are better off with a smaller part of something, rather than a big portion of nothing, right!?

Just saying! 😀