In our opinion, customer satisfaction management is an extraordinarily powerful engine for running businesses. All organizations, whatever the nature of their work, experience at least four life cycle phases:

    1. design phase,
    2. launch,
    3. ongoing activity,
    4. and decline.

We therefore encourage our customers to introduce structuring principles of customer satisfaction management as early as during the design phase. ND Consultant is prepared to support entrepreneurs during each phase, as defined by their environment.

Our business approach is based on four pillars, staring with a global and very long-term vision. This is what ensures a thorough understanding of the issues and a clear definition of the goals. We believe in an optimal mobilization of the company’s resources. With the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction we co-build a simple management method based on an ongoing search for long-term, responsible solutions.

ND Consultant experts rely on human resources quality to conceive and implement profitable and sustainable business models.  Our operating principle is to offer socially responsible solutions that ensure a rapid return on financial investment in order to maintain long-term performance.


We have conceived flexible coaching programs to match each of our customers’ needs. The solutions aim at supporting efficiently the implementation of profitable customer satisfaction oriented business models.

We are aware that most recommendation involve some adapting efforts for our clients. Therefore, we encourage them to be prepared for changes within their company and can support them with our expertise and skills toolbox. We offer efficient, discreet assistance.

Our services cover restructuring organizations, adopting new work methods, or undergoing a sensitive management transition.

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We usually start with acknowledging our customers’ issues, from customer satisfaction standpoint. ND Consultant experts focus on identifying, investigating, and analyzing the human, material, and financial resources of the businesses. We study thoroughly the procedures, and other resources mobilized to produce and serve the final consumers.

Hence our experts can elaborate strong recommendations to improve business performance, financial margins and customer satisfaction.

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We offer over several modules that cover management and sales. Each training is designed to provide tools and pragmatic solutions to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our sessions are highly interactive and practical. We provide quick, concrete solutions to support the actual success of the implementation of each customer’s project.

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Sales development outsourced services are high value-added solutions that have an immediate impact on customer satisfaction. It is an agile modern and efficient way to grow fragile businesses. Whether the need for additional help on an occasional or a regular basis, we can help our customers achieve their sales targets.

We support them in the process of identifying new opportunities by providing sales representatives matching their needs and performant with the action plans.

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To find out the list of all our standard services, plus check out our online catalog. (NB: the catalog is in French). You may contact us for specific requests.


We are here for you and to support you during the implementation of your ideas your strategies and your projects.