ND Consultant seeks exceptional performance for its clients and partners, while respecting structuring societal values. The firm and the managers operate from a strong ethical foundation, both internally and externally. The purpose of this code is to guarantee that the rights of all parties – our firm’s and those of all parties with whom we interact – are protected and that those interactions reflect a continuing search for consensus in the interest of the greater good.


ND Consultant believes that the consultant’s real added value is the ability to create such value at the lowest cost to the client. Because we believe that performance does not exclude the economy of resources.

We encourage innovative ideas and improvements to an existing framework by increasing the value of each of its components.


Perfection does not exist in the real world, but nothing stops us from striving to achieve it. We believe in performance and pushing beyond limits. However, we also believe in the rules that govern teamwork and our life in the larger community. For us, the search for excellence is based on the group’s commitment and on individual accountability.


Every business needs customers. Their satisfaction guarantees that the business will continue. Businesses need performance to last over time. By responding responsibly, ethically, and creatively to customers’ needs, we help our clients create value. That is our mission and our commitment.


Accountability is a driving force for Nathalie Daouda, the founder of the firm. That is accountability to employees, partners, and clients and to society and the environment. The goal, clearly, is to ensure that the actions have a lasting impact and that the businesses concerned stand the test of time. All the firm’s actions and choices reflect that approach. The firm’s structuring philosophy is Sustainable Capitalism, which combines performance and responsibility in the conduct of business.


We are here for you and to support you during the implementation of your ideas your strategies and your projects.