Beyond the other basics – technical, financial, and legal components – all businesses need a solid plan to operate properly. Small businesses and self-employed individuals are no different.

They simply have fewer resources compared to larger organizations. ND consultant offers a range of solutions designed with small businesses in mind, in terms of both form and content.

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.” – Sun Tzu (The Art of War)



Getting to know you:

We spend a half-hour reviewing the scope of our customers’ project, their main challenges and, most importantly, their current business environment.

Analyzing business plan:

We analyze each project and environment. Hence, the business owners leaves the session with concrete ideas on how to be more effective in reaching their market and target customers.

The strategic framework:

Together, we take a close look at the original idea. Next, we define, step by step, the strategic road map that will lead the businesses to success.

Our customers’ services offered:

Each consultant works with a client to clarify their solution, target, and specific market niche. When we conclude, the business owner has a well-defined service offering, tailored to their target customer.

Drafting the sales pitch:

It’s one thing to have an appealing, tailored service offering – it’s another to sell it. We help each business manager develop their sales pitch.

The manager’s tools:

This online or face-to-face work session is designed to help the client develop a dashboard and other management tools.

Strategic planning:

We offer three online coaching sessions. They provide a simple methodology to help launch the customer’s strategic planning.

Entrepreneur / Manager:

This comprehensive online or face-to-face session, serves clients to learn to assess their organization.

Business plan to the field:

During this series of work meetings, we help businesses assess and organize the resources available to implement their project.

Simple tools for daily use:

Our practical, easily reproducible solutions are designed with small business owners in mind. Whether planning for the future, taking action, or monitoring the growth of their business, these user-friendly tools help them steer their course smoothly.

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We have adapted four trainings that allow customers to make a difference – quickly – in their environment. Therefore each can become more independent and grow their skills in areas generally handled by multiple individuals in larger companies.

Building a strategic framework (1):

This methodological introduction helps them design and implement a powerful strategy that can enhance their company’s performances. – Duration: 4 hours

Managing a business partner network:

This is about learning how to organize and boost the effectiveness of businesses partner network. – Duration: 3 days

Basic sales techniques:

Business owners learn about/review the steps in the sales process to improve their company sales and financial performance. – Duration: 2 x 2 days

Basic sales management techniques:

Entrepreneurs can analyze and assess market potential, and learn to set sales goals. They also learn to create a price structure. – Duration: 2 days

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Drawing on our outsourced sales force solutions, we have designed a tailored offering for small businesses and self-employed individuals. It addresses their need to identify new customers and control costs.

We can help them set up appointments and close actual sales. Our customers can choose the most cost-effective solution that considers their ability to handle a limited number of new customers simultaneously.

Prospecting package:

Setting up appointments with prospects companies from our clients’ database. They get -5% to -20% discount on the standard offer, depending on your package choice.

B-to-B sales package:

Sale of our customers’ services to companies from their database. They can claim -5% to -20% discount on the standard offer, depending on the package choice.

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To find out the list of all our standard services, plus check out our online catalog. (NB: the catalog is in French). You may contact us for specific requests.


We are here for you and to support you during the implementation of your ideas your strategies and your projects.