Mr X, Managing Director of the SME in Burkina Faso, called on the firm ND Consultant to provide training in sales technics. The construction company had reverted to real estate development. And they wanted to accompany its new commercial positioning on the local market.

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The management team had international expertise in construction and promotion of real estate. But they were aware of the need for training in real estate sales technics for the sales force. Our customer has established itself in Burkina Faso as part of a project to build and sell collective and individual social housing.

The Western model of real estate development was totally new to local consumers. The managing director chose to use a foreign training organization. They needed a firm that was fluent in the principles of Western real estate sales, and local customs.


Despite the strong enthusiasm of the sales teams, several adjustments had to be made to the different sales concepts and technics. Because, while sales targets are universal, purchasing behaviors are strongly influenced by the socio-cultural context. We had to proceed step-by-step, in order to adapt the educational content of the training, to the reality of the local market. Beyond technical training, we have co-constructed a complete segmentation of the offer. We also worked on the corresponding sales pitches. The workshop approach allowed each employee to be fully involved in the training. Further, each trainee could be part of designing the commercial solution to be provided to end consumers.

Eventually, ND Consultant has designed a bespoke sales training for this company. Our team has expertise in selling value-added solutions and is multicultural. That enabled us to produce a specific response to our customer’s needs and expectations. Eventually, ND Consultant built a training and consulting partnership with this company. That relationship evolves with our customer’s development over time.

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