Misses X, both passionate with fashion and design, decided to create their own ready-to-wear brand. After a couple of year, they called on to ND Consultant to help structure their business plan, define a go to market strategy.


They were both passionate with fashion and self-trained in digital marketing on social media. The ladies started their entrepreneurial journey a few years before reaching out to ND Consultant. One of the founders designed the garments. And the other was in charge of the brand management and event organization. They were a huge success in their community. That is because they were creative and the market was real.

The success of their first two public events proved them right on the market opportunity.


Nevertheless, the lack of strategic vision made it impossible for their business to be sustainable. They had no technical training in textile design and manufacturing. Furhther, they had no experience in business development strategy. Therefore, they needed to externalize the production of the goods. Plus, they definitely needed to get help defining a business as usual management strategy.


When we started working together, fashion industry was practically unknown to ND Consultant experts. So we studied the market and learned the lingo. Further, the project owners did not have much money to spend. Wedecided to tailor a consulting mission based on a win-win deal. Hence, we made sure to make the project happen. We provided knowledge and technics. While they paid a fair price and gave us access to their network. And it worked!

ND Consultant provided a 5 years business road map. It included sales strategy, marketing strategy and a semi-industrial production of the ready-to-wear garments strategy. We then assist the founders with the implementation of the plan. We were there at each steps of the project, including fund raising and communication strategies.

It went so well that ND Consultant and several other partners met during the mission. We decided to keep one foot in the industry. Our firm eventually engaged into developing an expertise in supporting young designers. We help them transition from handcrafted to small-scale ready-to-wear businesses.

But that is another story!

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